Just call him President Perspektivny

The useful idiot offered himself up as perspektivny like no one has ever seen. People say they can’t believe it. So much winning. For Putin.

Leonard column Trump 03/22

I’d heard Donald J. Trump called a google of names, but never “perspektivny.”

“A f***ing moron,” as assessed by his former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

“An idiot {with the intelligence of} a kindergartener,” according to former National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster.

“Someone who ‘sucks up and shits down’ conservative-as-a-Fox media manager Roger Ailes allegedly said.

Actually idiot appears often in quotes attributed to people who would know. As in, this is not a paraphrase. They said idiot.

“Useful idiot” isn’t a term that comes from these people. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that the term acknowledges that Trump has been a Russian asset. They whisper about it but won’t say it in their outdoor voices.

A useful idiot.

The attention to Trump’s flailing over Putin’s “genius” and the horror of Ukraine highlights the aforementioned term, perspektivny.

In-depth reporting from the The Guardian last year documented Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fervent push leading up to the 2016 election to swing the United States election to Donald Trump.

“They agreed a Trump White House would help secure Moscow’s strategic objectives, among them ‘social turmoil’ in the U.S. and a weakening of the American president’s negotiating position,” the British newspaper and news site reported.

An internal Russian report The Guardian obtained said Trump was the “most promising candidate”. In Russian, that word is perspektivny. And it means, essentially, useful idiot.

The report also reportedly described Trump as an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex”

It’s like they could see into his soul.

Like President Joe Biden’s verbal roadmap of what Russia intended to do in Ukraine, the British publication reported Putin’s objectives. “A Trump win ‘will definitely lead to the destablisation (British spelling) of the US’s sociopolitical system’ and see hidden discontent burst into the open, it predicts’.

Putin got what he wanted. A lapdog who, incidentally, doesn’t care for dogs, but barks incessantly.

Trump disowned the entire U.S. intelligence community when he said he believed Putin when the Russian despot said he had nothing to do with the disinformation campaign identified by U.S. intelligence officials and didn’t see a reason why Russia would interfere with the 2016 election.

Trump chose Putin over the findings of the CIA, NSA, FBI, the Director of National Intelligence.

What? Perspektivny? Certainly Trump never heard the term. And if he would say he never heard the term, he might well be telling the truth.

Trump got a perspektivny medal for undermining the entire U.S. intelligence community. He’ll put that medal – a big one, like Stalin liked, next to the Purple Heart that he and we always wanted him to have.

And he can truthfully assert that Putin would have never invaded Ukraine under his watch.

That’s because Putin was drinking U.S. and NATO intelligence from a fire hose thanks to to his perspektivny. There was a reason that Trump tore up notes, shut out translator’s records and took top secret files to the gilded hell of Mar-A-Lago.

But that “genius,” Putin. He identified the perspektivny, and it paid off spectacularly.

In the short term.

Russian experts say Putin, having the same malignant narcissism that defines Trump, surrounded himself with toadies and never got the information that the rebuilt military dominance he pursued over many years was not as robust as he was led to believe.

So while Russia ultimately still is evil enough, and powerful enough, to rape, torture and kill civilians, and play the desperate “we have nukes and will use them card,” the ultimate success of the Russian war of aggression could well turn on the downside of that once valuable perspektivny. The Lapdog of Mar-A -Lago moved to weaken NATO, distance the U.S. from traditional Western allies, and erode the world’s number one advocate for democratic governance.

Like a good lapdog.

After the poster boy for perspektiviny left office kicking, screaming and undermining democracy further by claiming election fraud, came the pragmatic and not insane President Joe Biden, who rushed to rebuild fractured alliances, lead NATO to unite and carry out a forceful economic and diplomatic isolation of Russia that could well ignite interest within Russia rid itself of Putin’s incredibly cruel and senseless war. Russian oligarchs, not to mention the Russian people, do not want to go back in time and lose the benefits of membership in the civilized world.

Perspekitivny can bite you in the end.

Now Putin is looking at a united West, and a mostly united planet that sees Russia as a pariah. And will for decades to come.

Vlad, you overplayed your hand when the U.S. President was your marionette.

You tethered yourself to an idiot.

You should have known better when an idiot called you a genius.

Idiot. 🐝