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Jeff Danielson

Jeff has pursued nature photography full time since selling his business of 25 years, the Runcible Spoon. He started the Spoon in 1976 while working on a doctorate in classical archeology at IU. His work has sold nationally but his focus is on making people aware of what our local area has to offer. As he says, “We don’t have a Grand Canyon, but we do have moments that rival anything anywhere.” He claims to have been working on a book but in the meantime has had to make do with winning a first place in Features Photography from the Indiana Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists “for outstanding contributions in reporting events of public importance.” Jeff (and often) his kayak, Stumpy, are out getting nature photos all week, every week of the year. The best place to get an overview of his work is Jeff Danielson’s Browncountyphoto page on Facebook.

Joel Pett

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