Don’t worry, Bee happy

The Bee wishes everyone a Thanksgiving holiday that reminds us that there are things in life to be thankful for.

Like IT people. The Bee is thanking its IT specialist, who will remain anonymous, except in the credits to this publication, where his name is easily viewable.

It’s a hive, people. We don’t put “Bee of the Month” pamphlets up.

The Hive was stricken this week by what the IT Bee termed a “Level 3” attack. Personal bank accounts, a hard drive with years of information from long ago, and interviews from as recently as Tuesday, under siege.

Now, they say that we all have to back everything up on computers and the Hive had all recommended pieces in place. But they were clearly not enough. The major league manufacturer of the Bee equipment said, eh, maybe you are OK to the external hard drive backup system. But this level of attack? We can’t be sure we can do anything more than restore your system, not your data.

(Mea culpa to really knowledgeable computer folks. The Bee did “recommended.” A more knowledgeable person would say you made lots of mistakes. The Bee hangs its stinger in disgrace.)

But the IT of the Bee did what the guys on the phone line said couldn’t be done. If you’re reading this, we’re back.

Check back soon. The Bee had planned, among other things, a tribute to two physicians who have passed on in the last month, Drs. Jerry Ruff and Jean Creek. Dr. Creek’s celebration of life will come in the spring. Dr. Ruff’s will take place this Saturday at 11 a.m. at the First Presbyterian Church.

The Bee tries to avoid sentimentality in the way a newspaper veteran Bee behaves. But the Bee also believes in expressing thanks and admiration for people who consider other people’s well-being a “calling,” if you will. Neither man adopted an evangelical style. OK, maybe Dr. Ruff and running. Secular evangelism?

Caring about others, as individuals, and a society, was just the way to be for them.

Did I say there are reasons to take a moment to say thanks, for (fill in the blank)?

Illustration of The Bee