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  • Heavy Ed tries to find a reason to care about the Super Bowl

    It could be the success of small market teams, or Lindsay Lohan, or Crest toothpaste, or jobs for IU graduates. So the phone pings and like the Pavlovian dog I’ve become,  I drool, grope for the phone, and see a message from Heavy Ed. “How ‘bout them Bengals.” I write back. “WTF you aren’t a […]

  • Rokita takes the wheel of the assclown car

    Heavy Ed takes stock of Hoosier pols I noticed Heavy Ed sitting on a bench and apparently reading something on his phone as I rode my bike down the B-Line through Switchyard Park. I pulled up and stopped. “Nice park, huh?” I asked. “Yeah, it is,” Ed said, putting the phone down. “Everybody bitches about […]

  • Heavy Ed wonders about democracy

    The guy shopping in the produce section annoys me. Long, stringy hair dangling from his balding pate. Rumpled clothes that haven’t taken a tumble in the washing machine for a discernable time. And he’s picking up and examining every kumquat in the produce bin and touching and holding every one, like a man obsessed with […]