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  • The Battle for Buffalo Springs

    A well-respected environmental activist calls BS on a Forest Service plan to “restore” (read: log) a place it calls Buffalo Springs, a made-up name for a place locals call home. By Andy Mahler There is something that doesn’t sit right about the Forest Service’s plan to punch logging roads into the heart of the  hardwood […]

  • The Endangered Forest

    When they say it’s not about the money, it’s about the money By James Alexander Thom A note from the editor: Some background on “The Endangered Forest”: The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture is moving forward with a massive plan to “improve” the Hoosier National Forest near Bloomington through means including logging, prescribed fires, applying herbicides […]

  • You can only push a teacher so far

    Government IS the problem. Only not in the way the conversation has been framed. By Shane Phipps Look around you at the state of public schools. Unless you live in a bubble, you’ve probably seen schools in your area that have had to shut their doors and go to e-learning for periods of time due […]

  • The Irony of Obscenity

    The author, Kurt Vonnegut, Bill Breeden and Howard Zinn get unstuck in time By James Alexander Thom What is the most obscene four-letter word? No, not that. The one you’re thinking of is natural, God-given, and can be good, and productive. It is necessary. Instead, let’s say, “bomb.” Bombing is evil, unnatural, and destructive. Its […]