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  • The Darkest Day in Indy 500 History

    The Darkest Day in Indy 500 History

    This was the nadir of the 1973 race, which has been called the worst race weekend in the history of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. The sight and size of the fireball coming from the crash brought gasps and cries of “Oh my God!” even where I was sitting, close to the finish line at […]

  • Just call him President Perspektivny

    The useful idiot offered himself up as perspektivny like no one has ever seen. People say they can’t believe it. So much winning. For Putin. Leonard column Trump 03/22 I’d heard Donald J. Trump called a google of names, but never “perspektivny.” “A f***ing moron,” as assessed by his former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. […]

  • Sugar-coated history

    Our legislators didn’t get the ‘doomed to repeat it’ memo The Ku Klux craven attempt to make the concept of critical race theory a major legislative issue in the Indiana General Assembly makes one thing clear: we need to bring critical race theory into our public school curriculum. We all know – or should know […]

  • “There’s someone up there fighting for their life”

    The routes IU Health Lifeline helicopters fly have changed … and so have the type of patients they carry The night sky near my home has been eerily silent for more than a week now, and a little less sad. Nearby Bloomington Hospital closed in early December and relocated  to its modern new facility on […]

  • In honor of two great men

    They weren’t just well-known physicians It’s our fate to open the newspaper or hear from a friend that someone we know has died, and, suddenly, the mind goes to memories of that person and interactions with them. In the last month, two of the most admirable physicians Bloomington has known have passed on: Jerry Ruff, […]

  • Don’t worry, Bee happy

    The Bee wishes everyone a Thanksgiving holiday that reminds us that there are things in life to be thankful for. Like IT people. The Bee is thanking its IT specialist, who will remain anonymous, except in the credits to this publication, where his name is easily viewable. It’s a hive, people. We don’t put “Bee […]

  • The naughty secret about computers

    The naughty secret about computers

    🐝 From the Apiary: A Mike Leonard Commentary 🐝 Facebook, Instagram and various social media have been accused of harming young people’s self-esteem, safety and lives and known about the need for moderation from their own studies. Profits over responsibility. Profits over anything and everything. It’s a serious matter, I get it, but teasing and […]